Monday, 15 June 2015

5 Fun Things To Do In A Club :)

1.  Wheres Wally? 

Okay so I went out with my sister and her friend the other week to ministry of sound. This was one of the first times in a while I hung out with her. And I had a great time. They played all sorts of games in the club and I thought it was worth blogging about! It was great fun so here are some ideas of fun things to do in a club on a night out!

Its like a wheres wally inspired game for a bunch of drunk-ees. So create a short memorable list of 'look outs' on your night out. These are a few we used!

- Take as many selfies with hats
- Take a picture with the tallest guy in the club
- Take a picture with the shortest guy in the club
- Take a picture the most smart dressed guy in the club

The one who completes all- BUYS drinks. Its a little bit of fun that you could have in the lines of a club or throughout the night and its a great laugh and way to meet people. When we played we had a blast looking for people with hats and the competition was fierce ;) 
Try think of your own and things you and your friends can look for and you can end up with shit loads of free drinks! 

2.  Make a list of the cheesiness pick-up lines and apply

Okay how about a bit of charm. We all know pick-up lines but who actuaaaaally uses them. How about you use them on people in the club and check reactions. This again is a great queue game! It would be really funny to see the reactions you get and how well pick-up lines actually work!


Have you tried another accent or identity in a club. Try using a different accent or persona and see how well it works! It could even be a resistant for people who you do not want to talk to in a club! Be really creative, its a chance to see how good at acting you are and how long you can prank someone into believing its really you.

4. Handstand or...

My sister did this too her friend in the club and it was hilarious. She did a handstand in the bathroom of the club and convinced her friend that she was delusional and that she was so drunk that she was seeing things. Try doing this to randoms and see whether it will work and capture reactions. Be careful for the workers in the toilet though!!

5.  Okay single ladies! this one is for you. Fancy free drinks? How many exactly? 
Flick your hair, adjust your bra and reapply that lipstick and see how many guys will be thirsting to buy you a drink! Keep a count and its a way to talk and get drunk in an extremely cheap manner. You never know you might actually meet someone you might be interested in, if not you don't have much to loose.
Its not something I personally would do however its for the girls who are rearing for a cheap merry night.