Monday, 29 June 2015

Greenwich, London

Greenwich Greenwich Greenwich. This place was introduced to me by my boyfriend in the first few months of being together. He took me to the greenwich clocktower. I remember complaining about the walk up but resisting to leave when I reached the top. The view was remarkable, the weather was great and we really did go all tourist about it. This was like 3years ago! and we took these cheesy photos as we watched the sunset.

We visited another part of greenwich when daniel took me on the cable carts as we watched the sunset in a unique way on my 19th birthday. This was just tranquil and beautiful. We were unfortunate to share a cart with another person which you can imagine was extremely awkward! But it had its perks when he took our photos for us! 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Veggie Burger Reviews


Okay, its hard too find a decent burger place for a vegetarian however there are some! I had a disappointing experience the other day at Five Guys. The veggie sandwich consisted of lettuce, tomato, mushroom and cheese. Nothing else.
I paid 4.50 for this and I would not recommend this sandwich to a vegetarian who is looking to get full up. The chips were pretty awesome though as well as the choices on the drinks! I had strawberry sprite for the first time, it was lush. 



This has been my favourite for many years now! There vegetarian burgers are remarkable, they are so delicious. The Mediterranean burger is something different and comes with a relish dip which is the perfect combo!



This place is so yummy omg :') I went here with my best mate Michael as months ago and they sell the yummiest burgers ever! it contains butternut squash, grilled halloumi, avocado with sour cream and a little bit of sriracha. 
so you hungry vegetarians, I defo recommend!



For those those who don't know ed's diner is a chain american diner. I ordered the cajun spicy veggie burger & ed's plate. This burger was pretty good and filled with vegetables and sauces. I quite liked this burger, it was unique and was served a big portion size. The ed's plate consisted of coleslaw, Onion rings and sweet potato fries/normal fries. The atmosphere was great and the milkshakes were incredible. However I was disappointed with the name of this burger because the burger was everything but spicy!



Not a fan. I did not like the veggie burger here for sure! it was bland and only consisted of cheese and a mushroom. Vegetarians do have an appetite you know. I was dissappointed and would not get that again. But you can not blame a meat based restaurant if they fail to please vegetarians. No hard feelings Bodeans.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Fashion Post

Heres another fashion post (: , remember my pocketless shorts from my want list? here they are! i love this versatile shorts. Pairing this with a thin stripped jumper and tights makes this a perfect outfit for the london weather right now. I really like this outfit :D its just so comfortable and flattering. Got an absolute bargain with this bag from primark for only 4pounds!!

Silver Square Earrings: Primark - £1
Black cupped bag: Primark- £4
Stripped Net Jumper: H&M - £7.99
Pocketless Black Shorts: Forever21- £6
Black Chelsea Boots: Boohoo - £30

Monday, 22 June 2015

Del Mercato, London Bridge

A new addition to one of the nicest spots in London. I tumbled across this place on the internet when looking for things I wanted to do this summer and as soon as I saw the colourful umbrellas I was thirsting to go. Me and my friend Michael made our way to the busy streets of central london and to find Del Mercato situated at the end of a road in borough market. I expected absolute chaos and heaps of noise and people but to my surprise this restaurant was tucked neatly at the end of a fairly quiet road. As we walked into this restaurant we were surprised too see it. It was huge! it was such a nice location and the umbrellas hung perfectly above bar tables. This was fantastic. We ordered food which we thought was decently priced for a restaurant placed bang centre of borough market. And it was delicious. I enjoyed a margharita pizza which was made from 280g of dough! and Michael enjoyed beef lasagne which he said was extremely yummy. I would recommend this restaurant on a summers day!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My WANT list (:



Okay, I have been banging on about a big black floppy hat for so long now. It is the top of my WANT list. It gives such elegance and class to outfits but is such a confident piece. Isearched everywhere, I have extremely thick hair and a lot of it on my head therefore a big round top was a necessity. Then I found the most perfect one in Topshop. 

However its not a surprise that this hat was priced for £28. Its a pretty amazing hat but in my opinion I do not think its worthy of being priced that high! So i continued on my search for the perfect priced perfect hat. 

I did not have to look too far. I found an extremely nice Fedora hat on eBay. eBay deserves so much more credit than it does.  I found this hat and there was so many suppliers to buy from. I am currently watching the one I want before I place a bid and grab it! A part from the thick buckle the hat is not much different! The prices ranged from £3-£13


I have never really been a fan of three-quarter length trousers or anything that sits mid way between my thighs and carves. I am quite short and my legs are quite muscular/curvy. Therefore I have never really wanted to cause emphasis around that area. These however are so suited for all types of body shapes. It is quite flattering if you ask me. I have decided to add this too my want list as they definitely are a yes go this summer. Can never really go wrong with black, although this beauties that I spotted in Bershka are so beautiful!

3. Pocketless Shorts

I ordered these last week because I needed a pair of shorts I could wear on a night out and on a casual day. I think these are extremely cute. These were on my want list for so long. And BAM. They are now part of my wardrobe for only 6pounds from forever21. I will be posting how these beauties look soon so stay tuned. 


I need these. these seem like the most comfortable and stylish summer shoes. And are defo on my list I am hoping to get them before I go turkey. They are easier to just slip on anywhere you may go. Go eBay.


I have fallen in love with these babies from public desire. I am so used to fan girling over the thin heeled versions but I have finally found ones with a thick block heel and I am actually lovestruck. I need these in my life!!!

Monday, 15 June 2015

5 Fun Things To Do In A Club :)

1.  Wheres Wally? 

Okay so I went out with my sister and her friend the other week to ministry of sound. This was one of the first times in a while I hung out with her. And I had a great time. They played all sorts of games in the club and I thought it was worth blogging about! It was great fun so here are some ideas of fun things to do in a club on a night out!

Its like a wheres wally inspired game for a bunch of drunk-ees. So create a short memorable list of 'look outs' on your night out. These are a few we used!

- Take as many selfies with hats
- Take a picture with the tallest guy in the club
- Take a picture with the shortest guy in the club
- Take a picture the most smart dressed guy in the club

The one who completes all- BUYS drinks. Its a little bit of fun that you could have in the lines of a club or throughout the night and its a great laugh and way to meet people. When we played we had a blast looking for people with hats and the competition was fierce ;) 
Try think of your own and things you and your friends can look for and you can end up with shit loads of free drinks! 

2.  Make a list of the cheesiness pick-up lines and apply

Okay how about a bit of charm. We all know pick-up lines but who actuaaaaally uses them. How about you use them on people in the club and check reactions. This again is a great queue game! It would be really funny to see the reactions you get and how well pick-up lines actually work!


Have you tried another accent or identity in a club. Try using a different accent or persona and see how well it works! It could even be a resistant for people who you do not want to talk to in a club! Be really creative, its a chance to see how good at acting you are and how long you can prank someone into believing its really you.

4. Handstand or...

My sister did this too her friend in the club and it was hilarious. She did a handstand in the bathroom of the club and convinced her friend that she was delusional and that she was so drunk that she was seeing things. Try doing this to randoms and see whether it will work and capture reactions. Be careful for the workers in the toilet though!!

5.  Okay single ladies! this one is for you. Fancy free drinks? How many exactly? 
Flick your hair, adjust your bra and reapply that lipstick and see how many guys will be thirsting to buy you a drink! Keep a count and its a way to talk and get drunk in an extremely cheap manner. You never know you might actually meet someone you might be interested in, if not you don't have much to loose.
Its not something I personally would do however its for the girls who are rearing for a cheap merry night. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Fashion Post

I absolutely love this outfit on her. Its so hot. Bardot is really in right now and this style is always really flattering regardless of your size or body shape. Pairing this basic bardot top with a pair of high-waisted jeans is sexy yet covered. Wearing heeled boots adds to the fierceness of this outfit. Accompanying it with a gold ring necklace and red lippy makes this outfit suitable for any occasion however the heeled boots may be uncomfortable for trekking!

Bardot Stripped Crop: H&M- £3.99
Blue Ripped Jeans: Topshop (but i think these are from turkey!) 
Black Heeled Chelsea Boots: George/ASDA- £12
Gold Ring Necklace: H&M- £7.99

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Veg Lasagne

Haven't done a recipe post in a while. Heres my veg lasagne! Obviously this is just a guide and you can improvise and add whatever you nay fancy into the mixture.

Mozzarella Cheese
Lasagne Sheets
Tomato Pasta Sauce
White Sauce
2 Red Onions
Quorn Mince
Chilli Powder
Cumin Seeds

1. On a frying pan, add cumin seeds and chopped red onions and leave till browned. Add mushrooms and any other vegetables you may prefer. 

2. Boil the Quorn or mince meat till soft. Sieve and mix into the frying pan and mix thoroughly.

3. Add salt (1tsb) , pepper (1 tsb) , chilli (depends on how much you want) , and chilli powder.

4. Add the tomato sauce and mix the mince mixture into the sauce.

5. layer the mixture and coat with lasagne sheets and add a layer of the white sauce from jar and add another layer of the mixture.

6. Cover the top with white sauce and mozzarella and leave in oven till brown and sprinkle herbs.

7. Enjoy!!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Carmen Bar De Tapas, Clapham Common

CHURROOOOOOS. Okay this is a short and 'sweet' one. Me and my friend Anitta Visited this cute little spanish restaurant opposite clapham common tube station. This is the second time I have had churros and it reminded me of how fantastic is it!! It was like 3 quid for this dish! Great after a meal here or elsewhere. 
I am not a big fan of spanish food, as they do not cater entirely for vegetarians like me, however I will always love a good old plate of patatas bravas. I will be living with a spanish girl next year hopefully churros and patatas bravas will become a more frequent appearance in my life ;) *Hint hint silvia* 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fashion Post

Office wear or just plain smasual. This is abit different to my usual attire but I put together this outfit for an interview and became really fond of it. It is simple, comfortable yet very smart indeed. Again with the h&m basics. This suit like outfit is also cheap and affordable! I haven't always been a fan of white shirts tucked in therefore this alternative has been a life saving discovery. These suede dessert boots always do the trick for me in terms of comfort and smartness, I have had them for about 3 years now and I wear them so much to work and casually.

Grey and Black Stripped Turtle Neck: H&M - £5.99
Black Blazer: H&M- £24.99
Black Smart Trousers: Primark- £5
Suede Black Desert Boots: Office- £39.99

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wholefoods, Kensington

THIS PLACE. I definitely need to revisit this amazing place. We have all heard of whole foods and its healthy organic products. But this restaurant leaves you spoilt for choice. This is from the mexican section and is called the toscada and is filled will salad, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and so many other yummy additions, even chilli sauce. It was fantastic. Especially with a blood orange San Pellegrino! 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Fashion Post

As the weather gets hotter more skin is revealed. Elif is modelling an outfit which was completely different to something she would wear and rocking it amazingly. She is wearing my ribbed black skater skirt with a strap open backed tee. Its a sporty look and kind of reminds me of a tennis outfit, what do you think? Its a hair out kind of look however if hair is tied back it will help to show off that amazing open straps on the back! and put on a statement necklace to accessories! Beautiful Elif.

Burgundy Open Back Tee: Garage - ?
Black Ribbed Skater Skirt: Republic/USC- £14.99
White Converse: Office- £44.99
Gold Statement Necklace: Forever 21- £7.99

Friday, 5 June 2015

Wild Food Cafe, Covent Garden

This place is super cute. Me and one of my best friends visited this place last summer for a quick bite. We read about it previously, and were interested in it. Its a vegetarian restaurant and it was fab. Standard prices but so much too choose from. It usually is very busy and located in a hidden place. It is very annoying when you are waiting on the narrow staircases that lead to this restaurant however it was worth the wait! I order a homemade humous and salad sandwich and sweet potato wedges. It sounds basic but was so good. Jamila ordered a bruschetta with tomatoes, peppers and avocado which I remember her enjoying also. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bravi Ragazzi, Streatham

One of the best pizza places ever, yum yum yum. Its cheap and affordable and extremely delicious. Its a small sourdough restaurant located on a side road in streatham. Me and Daniel visited this place after hearing it has claimed the title of the best pizza in south london. And I think I agree! I am a total wine looser. I love wine so much. Rose wine is literally my favourite thing! I often convince daniel in too drinking wine with me and I was impressed with their choice of wine! Streatham never fails to surprise me, little treasures hidden amongst the chaotic streets of south london.  

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Fashion Post

Heres another fashion post for a casual day out. Most items worn are h&M basics and can be worn in so many different ways!  I have followed a more old retro look with the faded high- waisted mom jeans and the crop. This look seems like its been taken out of the 90s with a modern touch. I have never really been a fan of these jeans, until I put them on yesterday and surprisingly liked them. They are jeans that can be worn with pretty much anything tucked in or cropped. I slung on a plum shade cardi to add some colour into this outfit. Applying some plum lipstick added an extra touch. Accompanying these jeans with a thin black belt helped to permit me to wear black air forces. Opinions?

White Tee Crop: H&M - £3.99
Blue Faded Mom Jeans: H&M - £29.99
Plum Cardi: H&M- £9.99
Plum Lipstick: TopShop- ?
Black Cross Belt: Primark- £1
Black Air Forces: Footlocker- £44.99

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Rookery, Streatham

Wow, this is definately one of South London's kept secrets. Recently I was introduced to this beautiful park/gardens by Daniel and have planned to go there again in the summer already! It is hidden inside streatham common and is located on a hill that projects a unique view of London. I was surprised to see this hidden garden. Perfect sunset watching location and picnic place. 
We stayed here for a short time and watched the sunset on the common. Peaceful. I would recommend going here just before closing time! its peaceful and a lot less busy (: unless you would prefer a crowd.