Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sky Gardens, London

I went to the sky garden for a free visit with my boyfriend earlier this week. It has been something I have been looking forward too see for a while. It was described too me as s 360degrees skyview of our beautiful city, London. We arrived at the sky garden as enjoyed the sky line views and the natural gardens. I must say drinks and food is a little on the expensive side! Just a quick visit to see this garden is a must! especially if the weather is nice. My travel posts are now going to be based on any location that is worth seeing. I was initially going to restrict it to international posts however I have decided to add posts of UK destinations and recommendations too since I have friends scattered around the UK for uni purposes! 

The london sky line

Me and daniel at the sky gardens

Friday, 29 May 2015

Comptoir Darna, Marrakech

Okay so this is new, I am doing a international restaurant review! After visiting numerous restaurants in Marrakech, this was one I HAD to talk about. Me and Daniel found this restaurant as being one of the best ever. We ordered the vegetable tagine and accompanied this with plain semolina couscous. For starter we ordered the soup of the day which was creamy mushroom soup paired with cottage cheese, tomato, rocket and vinaigrette. It was absolutely lavish. We also order cocktails which were made to perfection. The atmosphere was incredible there were belly dancers, shisha and amazing interior.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Fashion Post

Here another fashion post, starring elif. This outfit is a classy but comfortable one. It is a white polo neck paired with a furred vintage blazer coat. The jeans and the casual converses stop this outfit from looking outdated! Or pair with black boots to make it a more dressy look. This jacket I picked up from a vintage sale in Coventry for a reasonable price and it is a wardrobe treasure. 

Fur Blazer Coat: Vintage sale - £25
White Polo Neck: Primark- £5
Black Joni Skinny Jeans: Topshop- £36
White Converse: Office- £44.99
Black Boats: Red Herring- £25
Lipstick 'Dare you' MAC- £15 

My Days In Morocco

Day 1

When arriving after a 3hr40min flight to Marrakech Menara Airport at approximately 10 in the morning we were absolutely exhausted! We decided that we were going to have a chilled day and getting to know the city for ourselves. We roamed the streets of this culture-packed country. This is my first time in this continent and the harsh heat and exotic feel was definitely something we both were not used too! We visited the Koutoubia Mosque and visited the souks for the first time. Loosing out souk-virginity was also extremely overwhelming. We were bombarded with locals attempting to pitch and sell their goods. We witnessed little stalls filled with colourful trinkets and smells. We had no idea what to expect! We saw a women dressed in a burka who grabbed on to my wrist and began to draw intricate designs using henna. It was not what i wanted, however she insisted and continued to vandalise my wrists- it was beautiful though. After completing her work of art on to my arm she demanded we paid her. We were not impressed. However due to our unfamiliarity with the currency and what prices to expect Daniel gave her 50MAD! As we followed walking the maze like streets of these markets we followed directions of a mad who was parked beside food stalls, he generously directed us towards the famous Jemaa el Fna Square. As we followed we came to realisation he was touring us, and would request payment after! We ran off in the opposite direction straight out of the souks. We then called it a day, and returned back to our hotel for an early night!

Day 2

We bounced out of the bed after a 14hour sleep and enjoying our inclusive breakfast we were pumped to discover Marrakech! We were quoted the price of 50DH to visit Palmeraie gardens to ride camels! This was completely spontaneous and we enjoyed it so much. We made friends with a man called Faisal who spoke to us and dressed us in headscarfs and made our journey full of laughter. We rode the camels through the garden for approximately 30minutes and got dropped back to our taxi driver. He took us to a location called Beber Pharmarcia where we were introduced to many herbal medications and cosmetics. The women there presented us with various types of herbal remedies which included natural viagra! She made us test her products and we purchased the famous Argan oil and other herbal remedies (OFC not the natural viagra). After our unusual shopping experience, we made our way to the square where we used a map and found our way back Jardin Majorelle which was the home of the memorial of Yves St Laurent. This park was beautiful and full of colour and I really enjoyed it (Take a look at the snaps from my previous post!). Wow i love being a tourist. As we returned to the hotel we took a dip in the ice cold water and bathed for a bit. Great end to an exhausting day. 

Day 3

On this day we visited the Ourika Valley, here we observed the unstable wooden footbridges and the beautiful views from the mountains. This was something which was extremely beautiful and we visited a little stall where a man greeted us who showed us his shop. He was named 'Mohammed Cous Cous' he was a lovely man who showed us around and insisted we purchase something from his shop, so we did. After we did he asked for a tip however we refused due to not having enough funds! His face dropped and he gifted me with this little silver bracelet. We felt really bad. After returning back to Marrakech we revisited the souks and purchased trinkets for friends and family. We grabbed a late lunch. When we arrived back to the hotel we got ready and saw the beautiful skies as the sun set from our hotel view. It was tranquil and colourful. We got ready and dined at the most exquisite place (check out my restaurant review- Comptier Darna). Great tagine and atmosphere! 

Day 4

Early start. We got picked up at our holiday at 8am and were ready to visit the cascades d'ouzoud waterfalls. We jumped into the minibus. The journey took approximately 3hours and we arrived into see the beauty of africa. The tour began as we climbed down the hills to reach the end of the waterfalls. We swam in the waterfalls in the cold water and enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings. I have always been someone who is afraid of deep water, I fear water that does not allow me to touch it with my feet. Therefore I refused to make a jump from the small cliff into the water. Daniel did! he really enjoyed it and went for seconds! it was a refreshing swim as we continued with our trek to the main waterfall. As we arrived we was stunned. It was absolutely beautiful. We travelled on a cute little pink boat towards the waterfall, the water sprinkled against our faces in the hot sun. We took so many photos (check out the marrakech post!) and as we got off the boat we ate our lunch opposite the waterfalls as we enjoyed the weather and sounds. After filling ourselves up, we continued to climb back up the waterfalls, daniel would not let me climb to the top as he doubted my skills to stay alive as he often describes me as clumsy. As we reached the tops we were welcomed by monkeys everywhere! We played and held them as we continued to make our way out of the waterfalls. This day was one of the best days of my life, i have never seen such beauty before and I really really recommend it! 

Day 5

Another early start and our last night in Morocco has begun. We had another delightful excursion as we travelled to Essaouira (see previous post). It was unlike any other part of morocco, it was peaceful yet still full of life. We grabbed lunch as we were joined by lurking cats and we finished our shopping in the less busy souks. We walked past the boats and onto the sand. We met some lovely people on our minibus from Paris, it was so nice too meet people who were so different to us yet so similar. This was a relaxing day, it was just what we needed, however the built up pain in our bodies from the week did need some relaxing. We made our way back to the hotel around 7 and got a Hammam done! This is a traditional bath which involves scrubbing with natural products and being present in a steam room. It was disappointing as we expected more from it, we paid 200DH each for 30minutes and it was really not worth the time. However it did relax our bodies and we did laugh lots at the fact we were naked in a room with a women who we didn't know, who was scrubbing our bodies! haha. After our hammams we got on a horse carriage which travelled around marrakech as we witnessed marrakech at night! the square was crowded and full of beauty and culture and we were extremely surprised too see so many enthusiastic people in one place at the same time!

Day 6

Our final day! we checked out of the hotel at 12 midday and decided on discovering the new city of Marrakech. We walked our way down towards the train station and to the Carre Eden Mall. We decided we were going to be londoners in Morocco. We indulged in starbucks as we looked into the modern day shops. These shops were more expensive that I imagined! However we looked around and played cards in the centre as we enjoyed morocco dominoes which was extremely different for dinner. We made our way back to the hotel and played a few games of pool before we left the hotel for good, collecting our suitcases and on the plane back to our very homes. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Morocco, Essaouira

Whilst staying at Marrakech we visited a place called Essaouira, which is situated on the coast of Morocco roughly 2hrs 23minutes away from Marrakech. Obviously, if is on the coastal side we expect beaches and sand (: 
Me and my boyfriend arrived at the beach and visited the tamed souks of this city. We purchased many souveniers as we found it much easier to shop in these conditions. Seeing the sea, eating by the sea, and watching the boats in the sea was tranquil and beautiful. It still held its culture amongst a whole new view.

White boat by the seaside

 Souks of Essaouira 

Spice bags in the souks

Less crowded souks 

The famous castle used in Game of Thrones 

Seagulls of Essaouira

Seaside Rocks

Seaside walks

Monday, 25 May 2015

Morocco, Marrakech

Sorry for being absent for the passed week, i have just returned from my amazing trip to morocco. I visited many locations and check out my photos!!
This post focuses on the city where me and my boyfriend stayed and spent majority of the time. I had the best week and saw the most amazing things, this is only a handful of photos from our travel and another post follows showing essaouria in Morocco!

A view from our hotel 

Koutoubia Mosque

Ouzoud Waterfalls Situated Outside Of Marrakech

Azilil, Morocco

Monkey with Baby Monkey 

Beautiful Tagine Pots

Ouzoud Waterfalls Upside View

Ouzoud Waterfalls

Palmeraie Camels 

Beautiful Jardin Majorelle Ponds

Yves St Laurent, Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle Gardens

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pizza is life

Me and my boyfriend are both vegetarian and pizza always seems to be something we both will defo eat. We can always count on pizza, so heres my top five pizza restaurants. All the pizza restaurants listed however are based in London, so if you are ever in london give them a try. I will note down a website and rating (:

1. Franco Manca

Sourdough pizza how yummy! I usually visit the one on Northcote in clapham but there are so many scattered around. This place is affordable, fast and extremely yummy. I usually bag myself a Margharita Pizza for 6quid and I am never disappointed!


2. Pizza Metro

a pizza? one metre long? yes. It is absolutely fantastic. This place is off clapham junction and is a lovely place to eat. Share a metre long pizza with a friend and enjoy!


3. Rossopomodoro 

Very italian! thin luscious pizzas, this pizza is unlike the others.It is extremely thin and flavoursome. This is a chain restaurant and the only think that knocks it down is the price.


4. Pizza express

if you don't know, stick to what you do. Pizza express will always be a safe option in terms of pizza. it was the first thin pizza i ever tried and defo contributed to my pizza addiction!


5. Piazza

this cute little italian restaurant is situated beside leicester square tube station, I don't know whether the reasoning behind putting this on the top 5 list is because it was mine and daniels restaurant when we first got together or whether it was because it was amazingly good! but it defo is somewhere worth trying out if you are looking for a less busy restaurant in the busy streets of central london.


6. Bravi Ragazzi

Favourite pizza place to date. I visited this recently (will be making a separate review soon!) and it was one of the best pizzas ever. It was cheap and delicious. Do I need to say more?


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fashion Post

Heres another fashion post! So I have chosen to go all black. However I think its necessary to always break down an all black outfit, so I have chucked on a acid wash denim jacket to make the look less boring. The patterned tights add to the detail of this outfit. Rolling up the sleeves and throwing on some black air forces completes the look. This outfit is a casual day outfit however changing footwear and the jacket can change this look to something more classy!

Ribbed Black Turtle Neck Jumper: GAP- £15
Acid Wash Denim Jacket: Topshop- £20 *sale item*
Basic Black Bodycon Skirt: H&M - £3.99
Pattern wool tights: Primark- £2
Black Air forces: Footlocker- £50

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Good Garlic Bread

Ok I am a sucker for garlic bread,  I cannot get enough of it! So I decided to experiment creating my own (well kinda) and its quick a simple! try making this as a side to the pasta bake I posted earlier!


- Ciabatta/Bread/Baguette/Pitta - whichever you prefer!
- Garlic or Garlic Paste/ Powder
- Butter
- Parsly/ Mixed Herbs

1. Melt two spoonfuls of butter and mix the garlic whatever into it 

2. Toast the bread, and spread on the mixture and place in oven for approx 10minutes (FAN OVEN)

3. After edges are brown and the centre is still soft take it out of the oven.

4. BAM! sprinkle herbs and enjoy.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Fashion Post

Okay heres another fashion post,  my best friend elif is modelling my clothes in the images and she will be appearing in more posts too come! She's an absolute beauty!

Here we have stretched lined black leggings paired with a crop t-shirt. This black and white look is a fierce look when accompanied with red lipstick! The heeled chelsea boots really do add to this when partnered up with a monochrome silk baseball jacket. This can be worn as a casual outfit or even dressy when accessorised up!

White T-shirt Crop: H&M - £3.99
Lined black leggings: Forever 21- £10
Black Heeled Chelsea Boots: Boohoo- £30
Silky Monochrome Jacket: Primark- £5
Gold Ring Necklace: Ebay- £3
 Lipstick 'Dare You' : MAC - £15


Throwback to Christmas At Birmingham.
This photo makes me so happy. Its so bright and really reflects on the christmas spirit and Its just warming! Me and my friends went to Birmingham German Market in december 2014 and it was sucha lovely evening. Although the rain did make it difficult for us to enjoy it too the fullest, it surely does add to the festivity of this image! 

Pasta Bake Queen

If you know me, you know that I am the queen of pasta bakes! I try so many new things each time so I am going to show you two of my favourite versions.
Last week, I cooked a meal for my boyfriend, my best mate and her boyfriend.  I decided to make my feta pasta bake!


- Pasta
- Mozzarella
- Feta
- Creamy tomato heinz soup can/ pasta bake sauce
- Peppers - Green/Red
- Mushrooms
- Two large brown onions
- Tomatoes
- Red and Green chillies
- Feta cheese 
- Salt
- Pepper
- Garlic
- Ginger
- Cumin Seeds
- Garam Masala (optional)
- Mixed Herbs (optional)

1. Place pasta in a saucepan to cook, and chop up tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions and chillies.

2. Place onions in the pan till brown with the addition of cumin seeds, then add the chopped ingredients. 

3. Add ginger and garlic followed by any additional flavourings you would like to add.

4. Place cooked pasta into a pasta bake dish and mix the cooked vegetables into the dish thoroughly.

5. Mix the sauce into the dish making sure its evenly spread then add cubed feta into the dish.

6. Once all mixed together coat the top with a cheese of our choice- i recommend mozzarella for the creamy taste.

7. Place in the oven for approx 20 minutes if you have a Fan Oven at 200degrees.

8. Once cheese is golden sprinkle breadcrumbs covering the top and place back in the oven.

9. Ready to serve! * sprinkle some mixed herbs on top*

Second Recipe

1. Follow stages 1-4.

2. Instead of using pasta sauce try pesto! 

3. Add in fried aubergine and courgette.

4. Add cheese and breadcrumbs and put in oven till golden brown. 

SERVING SUGGESTION: Spinach and garlic bread ( check out my homemade garlic bread recipe coming soon!)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Quirky Quinoa

Alongside being someone who loves visiting restaurants, I am someone who loves making food and putting together random ingredients from my basic student cupboard and fridge to create yummy vegetarian food. Its coming closer to returning back home for the summer to london and holidays are approaching. Spending less is the idea. Heres something that I tried yesterday which was surprisingly successful.

- 2 Small brown onions
- Green chillies
- Handful of mushrooms
- Quinoa
- Salt
- Pepper
- Lemon
- Chickpeas
- White Breadcrumbs 
- Mozzarella
- 2 Spoonfuls of red pesto
- Cherry tomatoes (Optional)
- Spinach (Optional)

1. Place small cube sized mushrooms and onions into a mixing bowl and add half a tin of chickpeas and your chillies.

2. Mash the mixture whilst adding salt, black pepper and oil into the mixture and stir it all up until its made into a paste. Then squeeze some lemon into the paste.

3. In a saucepan boil your quinoa ( and spinach in a separate pan if wanted) 

4. Mix the water drained quinoa and mozzarella into the paste and mix whilst slowly adding pesto until mixture is light red coloured.

5. Place spoonfuls of the mixture into small circles on to the frying pan coating the top with breadcrumbs as you turn. 

6. Once you have made approx 6-7 crumbling balls of the pasta which is golden brown and cooked, place them in a bowl and gently break them a part. 

* The reasoning behind moulding them into circles before breaking them a part is so that  it allows the breadcrumbs to give some crunch throughout. Add cherry tomatoes if you like!

7. Enjoy!

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Try in a pitta accompanied with salad.